Have you ever felt frustrated when learning languages?

Do you ever find teaching yourself a language to be slow or inefficient?
Do you ever wish that you could have a course that’s completely personalised to your learning style and ability?
Do you feel that you waste your time learning words and grammar that you will never use?

Data driven, optimised learning

Our platform uses data science so you can teach yourself a language efficiently and personalised to you. Combining a statistical approach to what you learn, a data-based approach to how you learn, and the skills we’ll teach you for a lifetime (see our “meta-skills” article for more), you’ll cover the top 99% of a language that you will ever need!

This personalised and efficient way of learning (optimised to you) means on journey you’ll learn:

  • The vocabulary and grammar you need to learn first.

  • The topics and interests that match your goals.

Learn more about the Pai Language Learning method

Features to reach fluency

Based on our method, we have created a platform that aims to help you teach yourself to teach yourself, and provide you with everything you need to reach your targets, this includes:

  • Learn vocabulary in order of usefulness

    All the vocabulary you need to understand 99% of all the content you will come across.

  • Clear, understandable grammar and structures

    All the grammar and structures you need to be able to use your vocabulary, provided in a clear tree.

  • Control how and when you learn

    Take control over your learning experience by choosing how you learn with our selection of activities - allowing you to find the best way for you.

  • Track your progress for efficient growth

    Use our tracking tools to track your progress through vocabulary and structures to accurately predict your current level, learning speed and future levels.

  • Language learning, any time, any where

    Our course is available on multiple platforms, so you can learn easily on any device.

  • Leverage your existing knowledge to get ahead

    Our platform allows you to use languages you already know as a springboard to quickly learn other languages through shared etymology and structures.


At launch, we aim to offer full courses in the following languages:

  • English
  • Welsh
  • Hindi
  • Traditional and Simplified Mandarin

We'll be supporting other languages very soon after launch, which will be offered at different levels based on the availability and detail of information we gather on them.

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