Ever struggle to learn a language?

Feel frustrated with the process?

Think you are “bad at languages”?

It’s probably the way you’ve been taught.

Anyone can learn a language

And you aren’t an exception. The way people learn languages is highly personal, and this isn't taken into account in classes, books and courses, which can leave many people feeling frustrated, and missing out on the highly rewarding process of language learning.

The Method

Pai Language Learning’s method is based on a data-driven approach to learning a language.
By approaching the experience as a process to be optimised, we have created a platform to help you learn in the most efficient way for you. By combining a statistical approach to what you learn, a data-based approach to how you learn, and an acknowledgement of the ‘meta-skills’ that will help improve your ability to learn languages overall, we aim to help you teach yourself a language in the best way for you.
Our course covers the top 99% of a language that you will encounter, given to you in a customisable way.


All the vocabulary you need. We found the top 5000 words that constitute the top 99% of a language, and provide them in frequency order, so you learn the most important vocabulary first.

All the grammar you need. We found all the grammatical structures that make up 99% of a language and put them in frequency order, letting you focus on improving your ability to express yourself through clear, easy to learn lessons.

Learning for a test? You can prioritise vocabulary for certain tests to make sure you have the best chance to pass.

Learning for a specific situation, like work or travel? You can prioritise vocabulary based on theme to make sure you learn what you need to.

Already learnt part of a language? You can spotcheck holes in your vocabulary by learning the most important words you may have missed.

Track your progress. Easily monitor your progress through vocabulary and grammar, gauge your level of fluency and discover the best way for you to learn a language!

Supported Languages

Welsh | Cymraeg

Mandarin Chinese | 普通话

Hindi | हिन्दी


And many more that are currently in development!